WFH when Lake Tahoe is Home

Enough friends and students have asked about my experience of living in and working from Lake Tahoe that it seems worth describing the pros and cons for those of you who might be contemplating the same move.

My husband and I moved here about 5 years ago after spending 25 years in the Bay Area. We loved the life we’d lived in Palo Alto, Atherton and San Francisco, but with our children raised and gone and our company sold, we sought a place that supported more than just our work. Tahoe beckoned.

We have…

Photo: Bridging Knowledge by Paul Bica

I teach online classes for Stanford’s Continuing Studies program. I started doing this out of convenience after I moved to a semi-rural location far from the great universities of my previous home in the Bay Area. Teaching online from an extra bedroom seemed worth trying, but I doubted I would enjoy it as much as on-campus teaching.

Three years later, I’m happy to admit I was wrong. Online teaching opened a world I could never have reached on-campus, delivering a healthy mix of challenge, insights and joy.

Photo courtesy of Andy Spearing — Flickr

I teach design research to graduate students at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. This is like teaching exercise techniques to Olympic athletes — you better offer results.

With that in mind, we designed this year’s class challenge for realists and dreamers: improve the user experience of Elon Musk’s proposed HyperLoop transportation system. Realists could get off on the many obstacles; dreamers could venture into the unknown.

We started by introducing them to the lost promise of Segway. They are too young to remember its launch. To them, it’s a tourist attraction that lets their grandparents feel edgy.

Christopher Ireland

Entrepreneur, collaborator, mentor, and generally happy person.

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